Electric Black Ilimba Lamellophone


Electric Black Ilimba has 30 Hand Forged Spring Steel Keys tuned to a special Gogo flavored tuning. Go to the home page and listen to the Sound Sample from Tim Ray recording studio to hear this tuning.


Dimensions: 12.5″ x 11.75″ x 3″. Front and back of this box are Red Cedar; sides are Redwood. The Bridge is Afro Mosia Wood, Iron and Steel. Buzzers are Brass and Steel. There are 30 Hand Forged Spring Steel Keys including 15 Sympathetic Keys with a special Tuning (“Gregs Knew Tooning”) that has a Tanzania/Wagogo flavor. To hear how this tuning sounds go to crossroadsmusicalinstruments.com home page, scroll down a little and play the sound sample from Tim Ray recording studio. It’s very important to connect to a good speaker or headphones to hear a more realistic sound. The Internally Mounted Electric Pickup is a Big Shot Piezo Crystal Transducer. With the material and size of the resonating box plus a full set (15) of Sympathetic Keys the voice of this instrument is brightly rich and sounds fantastic on an amplifier!! Acrylic paint is used in the painting. The Holding Strap is Nylon Cord.