Crossroads Bongos

When it comes to "Bongos" the charm is in having two drums with different tones (one high, one low) connected together into one unit. With Crossroads Bongos there is great variation with style and size. All are made with the ring/rope method of securing and tuning the skin. Each pair are detachable using a wrench on the 1/4" nuts from underneath to release the bolts, separating the drums for any needed maintenance or tuning.

A man sitting on a bench with two djembes, playing African harps.
Four Ilimba pots on a wooden bench.

The summer of 2020 saw the initiation of Crossroads Bongos...

Images from "Summer of Drum" 2020

A man sitting on a wooden bench with two drums, playing the Ilimba.

Medium/Small Bongos

In this case the dimensions are: 9.5" tall x 17.5" wide x 8" and 6.5" drum head diameters.

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Small Crossroads Bongo Example

This example has the dimensions of: 9.5" tall x 15.5" wide x 7" and 5.5" drum diameters.

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A man sitting on a bench with two djembes and African harps.

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A man sitting on a bench with two djembes, showcasing his African harps.

Large Bongos

Dimensions: 12" tall x 22" wide" x 10" and 8.25" drum head diameters. Like the other Bongos above and below thick Ivory Coast goat skins are used.

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Tall Bongos

Dimensions: 18" tall x 22" wide x 10.5" and 8" drum head diameters.

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Two djembe drums, African harps, and Ilimba sitting on a bench.

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Two wooden djembes, African harps, sitting on a wooden table.

Carved Bongos

This pair of drums came about from a drum shell I found at a local antique shop(pictured below) which I cut in half to make two drums (because I was BONGO MAD in the summer, 2020!).

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Carved Palm Tree Bongos

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Two wooden djembes, traditional African drums, sitting on a patio.

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