Frame Drums Sikko

Square and rectangular Frame Drums of various sizes are found in Central Africa and throughout West Africa. This category is about to be elaborated in the immediate future as I'm developing the tuning mechanisms for several of these drums. The term "Sikko" is from Guinea referencing this type of "Membranophone". The one pictured above is 3 drums attached as a single unit including 2 iron bells. Usually this is a single drum played sitting or standing tied around the waist.

A black and white photo of three wooden boards on the ground, resembling the keys of a Kalimba.
A man standing in front of barrels holding an African drum.

Frame Drum Sikko

Illustration of Sikko style drum (with attached snares) tied around the waist for playing. By mid- winter, 2021/2022 there will be several of these drums (various sizes) completed with tuning mechanisms and ready for purchase.