Handgrip Lamellophone

Openings in the Soundboard designate the Handgrip Design and make for easy holding while playing.

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Handgrip Design Gourd Kalimba

Even large instruments are easy to hold and play with Handgrip Design

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Peruvian Walnut Gourd Handgrip Kalimba

Burned and Dyed Design adorns this Kalimba as seen below...

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Custom Handgrip Gourd Kalimba

This custom piece has Burned and Painted Design;
see below...


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Custom Handgrip Gourd Kalimba Demo Video

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Another Gourd Handgrip Example

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Painted Gourd Handgrip Kalimba Demo

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Handgrip Tinlimba

I coined the term "Tinlimba" to refer to Lamellophone I make with cookie tins as the resonating body. This one is a large (double chocolate chip) tin; 13" diameter, with very fine grain Mahogany for the soundboard. Depth is 6". Tinlimba produce unique and wonderfully haunting reverberating sound.

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Backside of above Handgrip Tinlimba

Most cookie tins have relatively thin bottoms and I discovered that it's essential to adhere a thin piece of wood or plywood to the bottom to produce a good sound. The above design is burned and painted.

Electric Peruvian Walnut Gourd Handgrip Lamellophone