Other Hand Drums

Drum Smoke Trancendance

I photographed Prospier Sompa using fire heat to tune Ngoma Drum; Brazzaville, Congo 1985

This section is to show non-Bongo Hand (and stick) Drums from Crossroads Musical Instruments


Carved Hardwood Drum Shell from Central Africa

Skinned with Ivory Coast Goat Skin by Greg Trimble. drums musical percussion

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Conga Ngoma

I came across two antique tall Conga Drums (guessing circa. 1940s/1950s) at a local antique store, thrilled at the found unexpected treasure as the shells were in excellent condition! So I stripped them of the corroded hardware and skins, refinished them and here are the results.

Conga Ngoma: The tall size is reminiscent of Ngoma I saw in Congo.

Conga Ngoma

This is the second of the antique tall congas and the one I put the thicker cow skin on. Both drums have wonderful, strong voices!

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