Ilimba Lamellophone


ILIMBA is a Lamellophone type from GoGo ethnic group of central east Africa; central Tanzania. ILIMBA is another respectfully borrowed term I use because of significant similarity to original ILIMBA.

A Kongoma instrument sitting on top of a wooden bench.
A wooden chair with a musical instrument on it, specifically a Kongoma.

Ilimba Lamellophone

Consisting of a large box with metal buzzers on the Keys and Sympathetic Keys in the middle of the Key Board.

Crossroads Ilimba Lamellophone Images

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Ilimba esq Lamellophone Sound Sample

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A wooden ukulele is sitting on a wooden bench.

Electric Ilimba

Crossroads makes Electric Ilimba. Click button below or go to Electric Kalimba/Ilimba Page from Instrument Categories on menu.

Electric Painted Ilimba

Painted Ilimba

Design Painted with Acrylic Paint on Red Cedar resonator box with 30 Hand Forged Spring Steal Keys including 15 Sympathetic Keys tuned to "Gregs Knew Tooning" (Tanzania/Wagogo flavor). See photo gallery below.

A man with a beard playing a purple accordion.

Painted Ilimba Photo Gallery