Kongoma Painted Lamellophone


Kongoma originating from Central and West Africa. Richly vibrant sound!


This Kongoma Painted Lamellophone has the dimensions of: 19″ x 10.5″ x 7″. Kongoma originates in Central and West Africa Africa and is a large Lamellophone designed to play on the lap while sitting. Its large dimensions excentuate bass tones and in this one the higher notes are very bright also. There are a total of 16 Hand Forged Spring Steel Keys that includes 4 Sympathetic Keys. Tuning is B minor Pentatonic. The voice is rich and vibrant! The front and back are Basswood; sides are Pine. It’s painted with Acrylic Paint; Holding Strap is strong Nylon Cord. Bridge is Spanish Cedar Wood, Purple Heart Wood, Brass and Steel.