Marimbula is a Large Box Lamellophone that is sat on to play and emphasizes low bass notes. Forms of this kind of instrument originate in various regions (Congo, Ghana, etc.) of Africa. Development of Marimbula and its' name originate in Cuba where it is utilized in folkloric and modern musical forms. Similar Lamellophone are found throughout the Caribbean and Mexico under different names.

A black and white photo of a wooden box on a table, featuring the Kalimba.
A colorful wooden box with a snake painted on it - perfect for storing your Kalimba.

Painted Marimbula

See images of this Painted Marimbula below...

Painted Marimbula Photo Gallery

Two wooden boxes, resembling African drums, sitting on top of a wooden floor.

Crossroads Marimbula

Sometimes Crossroads Marimbula are Electrified. See photo images below.....

Marimbula Photo Gallery


Kongoma are relatable to Marimbula in that they are also large box Lamellophone emphasizing bass notes. They are smaller than Marimbula and are designed not to be sat on for playing but rather held in the lap while sitting, hung around the neck while standing, or supported by the floor (ground) or other furniture.

A black and white photo of a person holding a box of knives next to an African drum.

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A wooden box with a guitar and amp, accompanied by an African drum, sitting on a wooden bench.

Electric Kongoma

This Electrified Kongoma has 19 Hand Forged Spring Steel Keys and sounds especially good on the Amplifier. See images below...

Electric Kongoma

Electric Kongoma Demo

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