Iroko Wood Djembe’ Drum


Iroko Wood Djembe’ Drum with carved wood and Goat Skin from Ivory Coast, West Africa. Shipping cost is included for U.S. and Canada.


Dimensions: 25″ tall x 14.5″ diameter. This Djembe’ is carved from Iroko Wood, a tropical hardwood from Ivory Coast, West Africa. The head is Goat Skin also from Ivory Coast. Steel Rings are covered with Cotton Cloth and the Nylon Rope is non- stretch and ultra strong. The foot of the Drum has bicycle tire rubber attached to protect the Drum and floor surfaces. The skin is very tight producing excellent Djembe’ sound and responsiveness. Excess rope is available on the Drum to facilitate potential tuning needs in the future. The current vertical lines of rope are so tight that there isn’t enough give to add any horizontal weaving. This Djembe’ is exquisite with it’s strong powerful Djembe’ Drum voice!