Large Lamellophone Kalimba


This Large Lamellophone Kalimba is tuned to B minor Pentatonic and expresses richly deep Bass tones. All the notes are strongly vibrant!

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Large Lamellophone Kalimba Crossroads Musical Instruments; Dimensions: 21″ x 10.75″ x 2.5″. This large Lamellophone has a Soundboard of Basswood with an inlaid wooden Skull Bead, Burned Bottle Caps on Brass sheet metal Buzzer mechanism; Bridge of Orange Heart Wood, Brass and Steel; a carved wooden Resonator body and a Nylon Rope hanger/handle. Tuning is B minor Pentatonic, lowest note F#. There are 23 Hand Forged Spring Steel Keys including 7 Sympathetic Keys. Bass notes are deep and full! The voice is loud and clear with brilliant rich tone throughout.


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